Still Loading Artist: Gregory Sipp

I have been making mosaics for over 20 years. I studied with two well known international mosaic artists for numerous years. They taught me the technical aspects of making mosaics and creating my own style. When I am making a mosaic each piece of glass is chosen carefully. Then the glass is cut and shaped. Then I use a grinder to smooth the edges. Each of my mosaics take over 70 hours to complete. The three mosaics I have shared are my latest, John Coltrane, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin.
My focus over the last twelve years has been on jazz and R&B musicians and singers. Jazz is the rhythm of my life. The style and the colors I use reflect how I feel when when I am listening to the music. My passion for the mosaics has grown every year.
I have shown my work at mostly music festivals and some art shows.

The Harlem Art Show, The Chicago Jazz Festival, The DC Jazz Festival, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

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