Still Loading Artist: Nick Mahaffey

Nick Mahaffey was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1988. Nick began developing his skills derived from his interest with abstract art, and his passion for self-expression. Influenced by artists such as Gerhard Richter and Wassily Kandinsky, Nick began studying graphic design and fine art at Mid- Michingan College and is expected to graduate in 2022. Through his academic endeavors, opportunity arose to display his work both locally and non-locally. His paintings have been showcased in events around Michigan, including the Detroit Art Series, Mid-Michigan College Gallery, Pleasant Town Music and Art’s Festival, Art Walk Central, as well as commissioned pieces. Mahaffey’s work takes on an amorphous embodiment without clearly defined shape or form.

His intention behind his practice is to offer inspiration and the opportunity for the viewer to experience personal moments of interpreting his art in a way that they can feel. He aspires to create, motivate, and celebrate an impact of self-expression on the art community and the world.

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