Still Loading Artist: Sanda Cook

Artist statement:

The energy I draw from Earthly elements and the cosmos are translated directly to canvas. I believe in this life, intention and purpose is everything. My abstract is my purpose with the intention of not just captivating.. But healing the soul as I place my utmost happiness (as well as my raw and naked vulnerabilities) into each piece. My work is a testament to the human spirit and a reminder that we are more than just flesh. We’re spirits surrounded and cradled by the spellbinding universe and all its glory.

Community statement:

From The Heidelberg Project to the glorious architecture of the Masonic, I am truly blessed to be romanced by such glorious works that grace the streets of Detroit.

The local artists I have met bring more passion to the art community than in any other metro area I’ve seen. Every gallery show I attend, I’m only reminded of the strong love and comradery that exists among Detroit artists.

Narrative statement:

In my steadfast quest to heal others, I hope to have the means to teach. I’ve come across so many good people that come from poor quality living. I wish to free those of their silence and mental bondage by providing an expressive outlet where they can be as loud and as free as they want. This is why I fell in love with abstract in the first place.

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